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Table 2 Reasons for not expressing any intention to change behaviour

From: Responses to provision of personalised cancer risk information: a qualitative interview study with members of the public

Reasons for not expressing any intention to change behaviour
Risk so low “So that’s interesting, you’re right, I could get it down to absolutely zero if I lived as a hermit, and I think that’s the point..… if my risk factor was very high, very high, I would probably do something about it, but because it’s so low, then actually getting it even lower with having to do significant things to my lifestyle, then I probably wouldn’t. There, that’s my balance.” (M,40–60)
“I mean all of the values are in some ways very theoretical because it’s all low risk and I suppose I’m not doing anything that is considered high risk, so I would probably not, so not be worried by the things I’ve seen and sort of spurned on to make lots of changes because it’s all low risk.” (F, 30–40)
Reassured that already living a healthy lifestyle “I’m pretty happy with my low risk of cancer and I’ll just keep doing as I have been doing with my lifestyle behaviours.” (F,20–30)
“I mean very informative and I think everybody should know these risks, but for me it’s not rung alarm bells, I just keep on, keep on eating healthy, keep on exercising regularly and having a good balanced lifestyle, etc., etc.,”. (F,40–60)
Not worried about risk – too late at my age “I think it’s too late probably, when I was 50 it would be different but now I think it’s too late to change much”. (F,>60)
“I wouldn’t think of doing anything about it because at my stage of life, let’s suppose there was alright a 10% chance that within the next 10 years I’ll get cancer and we think, right, I can avoid that by doing A, B and C but thank you, what are the other options because I’m going to get one of them, so that’s why it doesn’t worry me on the basis that I’m assuming there is at least a 1 in 10 chance if not higher I will die within the next 10 years, so you start looking at what am I going to die of and my immediate reaction is I don’t see I can be confident that the alternatives will be less unpleasant.” (M,>60)