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Table 1 Message examples

From: Supporting men through their transition to fatherhood with messages delivered to their smartphones: a feasibility study of SMS4dads

Week Example Text Content Category
1 Talk to your partner about staying home in the early months. Are there ways you can get more leave?[Txt STOP to OptOut] Father-partner
2 Babies come with personality dad. Getting to know my personality can make being my dad much more rewarding for you.[Txt STOP to OptOut] Father-baby
3 Good food, good sleep and lots of exercise can really help a lot at this time. [Txt STOP to OptOut] Father self-care
4 How are you going with picking names? Trying to imagine your baby’s personality is one way to start the bonding process.[Txt STOP to OptOut] Father-baby
5 Doing it alone? This is the time to ask for support. Let family and friends know how they can help. Father self-care
  1. aA brief version of the URL is included in the message which keeps the SMS within 160 characters and allows the tracking of the clicked links (although what a father does once he lands on the web page is not recorded)