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Table 3 Reasons to visit the landscape and reasons not to visit the landscape (again)

From: ‘The End of Sitting’ in a public space: observations of spontaneous visitors

  N (%)
Reason not to visit landscape (bench visitors)a
 I prefer sitting on a bench 101(42.8)
 It goes against my routine 28 (11.9)
 I do not have time for it 21 (8.9)
 I did not notice it before 34 (14.4)
 I think it is not practical for use 67 (28.4)
 It does not look inviting to me 82 (34.7)
 I thought it was not allowed 30 (12.7)
 Other 37 (15.7)
Reason to visit landscape (previously)b
 Curious 46 (49.5)
 Following friends/colleagues 19 (20.4)
 No place somewhere else 4 (4.3)
 Nice place 9 (9.7)
 Read about it 5 (5.4)
 Other 10 (10.8)
 Total 93 (100)
  1. a Visitors were able to tick multiple boxes; percentages represent the quantity of boxes checked within the bench users
  2. b Single answer question, percentages shown are from the total of landscape visitors