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Table 2 Summary of themes for the determinants of sport participation for community dwelling older adults

From: Sport and ageing: a systematic review of the determinants and trends of participation in sport for older adults

Theme Sub-theme Study
Health determinants Health as a positive outcome of sport participation 13,15,16,21,22,49
Health as a limitation of sport participation 16,23,45
Negotiating the ageing process through sport Positive ageing discourse 13,14,16,17,21,50
Negotiating the negative stereotypes of ageing 13,17
Social/community connection Using sport to create/maintain a community 14,17,22
Using sport to foster social connections 14,22
Influence of prior sports history on current sport participation Positive influence of prior sports history 16,18,23
Prior sports history may not always be important for current participation 20,21
Socio-demographic determinants Employment/retirement 45,46,47
Ethnic background 46
Gender 50
Occupation 46
Parity 46
Socio-economic status 48
Marital status 46,47
Competition To value sport 15, 19,20
To distinguish participating from non-participating older adults 17
Ensure financial stability 16
Sport type Preference for individual sports 19,48
Preference for organised activity 44