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Table 4 Example of sub-categories and codes

From: Factors impacting the illness trajectory of post-infectious fatigue syndrome: a qualitative study of adults’ experiences

Sub-categories Unhelpful medically-related external factors Unhelpful internal factors related to the participants
Codes • Lacked knowledge
• Strained medical encounters
• Misdiagnosis
• Delayed diagnosis
• Trivialized the participants’ symptoms
• Attributed symptoms to psychological causes or other conditions
• Recommended unhelpful treatments and management advice
• Lack of support to the participants
• No established system of internal referral at the hospital
• Lacked knowledge
• Trivialized own symptoms
• Attributed symptoms to a common enteritis that would pass by itself
• Attributed symptoms to a nervous stomach
• Lack of understanding of having a serious medical condition
• Difficulties understanding what was wrong with the body
• Tried to fight the condition off by trying to live pre-morbid life
• Lack of acceptance
• Denial of reality
• Lost control over the body
• Overestimating own capacity
• Unable to reflect on own needs and acquire help as needed