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Table 4 Items for Optimization

From: Optimization of the Hockey Fans in Training (Hockey FIT) weight loss and healthy lifestyle program for male hockey fans

Item Description Optimization
Mid-Program Attendance There was a drop in attendance at both sites mid-way through the program. The latter half of the program will be run in the arena with special guests in attendance to increase attendance during these sessions.
Coach Training Coaches noted being less confident delivering the classroom components, particularly at the beginning of the program. eLearning modules for coaches are being developed to allow for remote training of coaches and for easier access to training materials throughout program delivery. Coaches will be required to complete and pass a test in order to be a certified Hockey FIT coach.
Nutrition Education Coaches found they were less confident delivering the nutrition components as the men would have questions they could not always answer. A dietitian has been added to the research team to assist with training coaches on nutrition and to provide resources and tools to assist the coaches with educating participants in nutrition.
A handout on junk food (trans fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol) has been added to compare to the healthier options.
Timing Coaches found the timing was difficult to follow as some content elicited more conversation within the group than others. Key tasks for program delivery have been outlined in the coaches handbook for each session to ensure coaches are aware of what tasks must be covered in each session. There are also optional activities included to fill in time if needed.
Exercise Modifications Coaches felt they needed more exercise options to better meet the group needs particularly at the start of the program. Modifications have been added to the coach handbook for the exercise components to better meet the variety of participant abilities (Week 1).
Hockey Skills and Drills Coaches identified that participants were disappointed with the lack of hockey skills and drills throughout the program. More hockey related facts and exercises will be included through the program.
More sessions at the arena in the latter half of the program will increase the connection to hockey.
App Usability Technical difficulties with the HealtheSteps™ smartphone app prevented participants from using the app. The technical glitches with the app have been resolved with the latest updates. Coaches will be trained on how to use the app within the program (i.e., heart rate monitoring during exercise), and
Booster Session and Reunion This event was only held in London, and was on the weekend of the Super Bowl resulting in some participants not attending due to distance and conflicting events. Having a booster session and reunion in both London and Sarnia and allowing both London and Sarnia participants to attend one of these sessions at either sites would provide more options for more men to attend.
Hockey FIT Social Network Participants were not highly engaged in the use of the social network, only checking the network if a post by a coach or another participant was made. A Hockey FIT Social Network smartphone app is being developed. Coaches will post different tasks each week during the 40 week minimally-supported phase for both the intervention and wait-list groups. Participants will receive goals (points) for their team for completing the tasks and posting these on the Hockey FIT Social Network or updating their coach via e-mail if they do not have regular computer access. This includes posting healthy recipes, activities, weekly achievements, etc. The team with the most points at the end of the maintenance phase wins the “Memorial Fan Cup” and an extra prize.