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Table 3 Program Observation Framework – Session 5

From: Optimization of the Hockey Fans in Training (Hockey FIT) weight loss and healthy lifestyle program for male hockey fans

Hockey FIT Session Five - Alcohol & Weight Gain
Date, time, and venue
# of participants present
Classroom setup
1. Welcome and Review Participant Goals – 10 min
  □ Take attendance and ask the men about adverse events
  □ Discuss problems achieving healthy lifestyle goals and strategies to overcome these difficulties
  □ Discuss current goals.
  □ Ask about use of local resources suggested in previous session.
  □ Update goal setting forms
  □ Remind men to use Healthy Living Tracking Form to track step counts, exercise minutes and heart rate, and healthy eating.
2. Alcohol & Weight Gain – 10 min
  □ Understanding the part alcohol plays in weight gain can help the men start to consider ways to reduce or modify their alcohol consumption. If any of the men do not drink, speak to them about how pop and other high-sugar drinks can play a role in weight gain and how to reduce consumption.
  □ Complete activity on interesting facts about alcohol, ask about calories in alcohol, writing down findings on flip chart for all to see.
  □ Ask for suggestions about why alcohol makes you gain weight and write them down.
  □ Lead a discussion on Interesting Facts about Alcohol Sheet to illustrate that alcohol leads to weight gain in many ways.
3. Myths About Alcohol & Alcohol Units – 15 min
   Exploring the myths about alcohol can encourage the men to think about their own drinking habits
   Content, Style & Method of Delivery
  □ Have men complete the Alcohol Quiz
  □ After the quiz, discuss with the men each of the answers and keep score.
  □ Make a point about what a “drink” is with visual supports
  □ Discuss with men the link between alcohol and chronic disease
  □ Remind the men current recommendations suggest 2 alcohol free days per week
4. Planning your Drinking – 15 min
   Alcohol is an enjoyable part of socializing and does not need to be cut out completely. The next exercise encourages men to make educated choices about drinking.
   Content, Style & Method of Delivery
  □ Remind the men how alcohol consumption can affect weight loss as in order to lose weight they need to burn off more calories than they take in.
  □ Suggest that changing their drinking habits could really help them lose weight.
  □ Ask men for ideas about how to enjoy a drink without increasing their beer belly. Write the suggestions on the flip chart.
  □ Lead a discussion on barriers around cutting down drinking (including on game days). How could they be overcome?
5. Cutting Down on Sugary Drinks – 7 min
  □ Remind the men to be careful about non-alcoholic drinks too as many fizzy drinks are also high in calories. Suggest the men drink much more water or at least the diet pop options.
  □ Remind the men they should also be careful about what they put in coffee and tea as one tablespoon of sugar adds nearly 50 cal and they should try to use semi-skimmed (or, better still, skimmed) milk instead of cream.
  □ Suggest the men set a drinking-related goal
Active Session – 40 min
Content, Style & Method of Delivery
  □ Warm up and provide 30 min of aerobic workout followed by a cool down.
  □ Cater for different levels of fitness.
  □ Remind the men to work at their own level by monitoring their RPE and Heart Rate