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Table 1 Overview and evaluation of three PEACH™ iterations to-date

From: CONSORT to community: translation of an RCT to a large-scale community intervention and learnings from evaluation of the upscaled program

Stage of translation: Stage 1: Randomised-Controlled Trial (CONSORT) Stage 2: Small-scale community trial (COMMUNITY I) Stage 3: Large-scale community intervention (COMMUNITY II)
n participants n = 169 families; n = 169 children n = 62 families; n = 78 children n = 919 families; n = 1122 children
n groups n = 6 n = 8 n = 105
n facilitators n = 3 delivered sessions n = 12 delivered sessions; n = 54 trained n = 52 delivered sessions; n = 80 trained
Program overview and setting ▪ Single-blinded RCT with 2 intervention groups (1) 12× parenting (P) and healthy lifestyle (HL) group sessions OR (2) 8× HL group sessions 90- to 120-min group sessions, both with 4× one-to-one phone calls, delivered over 6 months with tapered frequency (weekly, fortnightly, then monthly)
▪ Multi-site (Sydney and Adelaide)
▪ 10× 90-min fortnightly face-to-face group HL sessions incorporating P skills with 3× one-to-one phone calls over 6 months
▪ South Australia
▪ 10× 90-min face-to-face group HL sessions incorporating P skills, with 3 one-to-one phone calls over 6 months
▪ Sessions 1–9 initially held fortnightly, changed to weekly during program delivery
▪ Queensland
Trial registration ACTR00001104; ACTRN12606000120572 ACTRN12617000315314
Program delivery (logistics)
Demographics family, parent and child family, parent and child family, parent and child
Anthropometry parent and child child child
Child diet parent-reported parent-reported parent-reported
Child activity parent-reported parent-reported parent-reported
Child quality of life parent- and child-reported child-reported
Parenting parent-reported parent-reported
Program satisfaction parent-reported parent-reported parent- and child-reported
Child body image child-reported child-reported
Follow-up up to 5 years only to 6 months only to 6 months
Program fidelity independently assessed from audio recordings of sessions informal only facilitator-reported
Facilitator training/delivery pre- and post-training, post-delivery pre- and post-training, post-delivery
Clinical biochemistry child
Follow-up parent interviews 12 months
Service-level evaluation
System-level evaluation
  1. HL healthy lifestyle, P parenting