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Table 1 The NIDI study visit and data collection schedule 2012–2015

From: Using a monitoring and evaluation framework to improve study efficiency and quality during a prospective cohort study in infants receiving rotavirus vaccination in El Alto, Bolivia: the Infant Nutrition, Inflammation, and Diarrheal Illness (NIDI) study

Measure Study Visit (Infant Age in Months)
Target visit schedule 1 (1) 2 (2) 3+ (2) 4 (3) 5 (4) 6 (6–8) 7 (9) 8+ (12–18)
RVa vaccine criteria 4 and/or 7 days post RV dose 1 60 days post RV dose 2
Maternal Characteristics
 Weight and height X X   X X X X X
 Clinical and prenatal history X        X
 Prenatal and postpartum micronutrient supplementation X        X
 Two-week morbidity X X X X X X X X
 Plasma anti-RV IgGb X        
 Plasma ferritin, sTfRc, CRPd, AGPe X      X   
Maternal/Infant SES
 Sociodemographic X        X
 Household characteristics X        X
 Infant feeding practices, iron supplementation X X X X X X X X
Infant Nutritional & Inflammation Status
 Anthropometry X X   X X X X X
 Vitamin A, zinc, micronutrient sprinkles supplementation       X   X
 Plasma ferritin, sTfRb, zinc, CRPd, AGPe   X     X   X
Infant Infection and Morbidity
 Two-week morbidity and diarrhea recall X X X X X X X X
 Vaccines received       X   X
 Fecal RV X X X      
 Fecal RV and enteric co-pathogens When diarrhea reported        
Outcome: Infant RV Vaccine Immunogenicity
 Plasma anti-RV IgG   X     X   X
 Plasma anti-RV IgA   X     X   X
  1. aRV = Rotavirus
  2. bIgG = Immunoglobulin
  3. csTfR = Soluble transferrin receptor
  4. d CRP = C-reactive protein
  5. eAGP=α 1-acid glycoprotein