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Table 1 Thematic coding categories and definitions

From: A comparative content analysis of media reporting of sports betting in Australia: lessons for public health media advocacy approaches

Category / Sub Category Definition
Category One – Miscellaneous
Background/other: General information about the sports betting industry, multiple topics may be discussed, with no one topic being the overall focus.
Category Two - Industry Finance and Partnerships
Merging/company partnerships: The development or changing nature of partnerships between sports betting companies and other companies or individuals e.g. sports betting company’s partnering with broadcasters.
Company finances: Company finances or changes in financial status.
Category Three – Technology
Product development: Sports betting product development or advances in technology e.g. development of ‘in-play’ betting applications.
Category Four - Marketing and Communication
Normalisation: The causes and consequences of the normalisation of sports betting.
Marketing and promotions: The marketing and promotions of sports betting, including advertising, inducements and sponsorship.
Young men: The impact or potential impact of sports betting marketing on young men.
Children: The impact or potential impact of sports betting marketing on children.
Sanctions for inappropriate marketing: The use of fines or sanctions for inappropriate marketing or promotions by sports betting companies (or broadcasters where relevant).
Category Five - Gambling Integrity
Illegal offshore betting: Illegal offshore betting and the impact this has on legal sports betting.
Criminal activity: Criminal or illegal activity outcomes associated with sports betting.
Category Six - Sports Integrity
Player betting/match fixing: Match fixing, and the potential impact on the integrity of sport.
Regulatory reform: Proposed regulations to protect the integrity of sport.
Category Seven – Reform
Implemented reform: Reform or regulatory changes (including industry self-regulation) that have already been implemented.
Need for regulation change: The need for regulation/reform change.
Parliamentary Inquiry: The implications of the inquiries into sports betting, including terms of reference, and key findings and outcomes of the inquiry
Category Eight - Gambling Harm
Problem gambling: Problems gambling or instances of problem gambling directly relating to sports betting. Includes personal examples or stories highlighting the problem in the community.