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Table 5 Survey Questions and Indicators

From: A multi-stakeholder evaluation of the Baltimore City virtual supermarket program

Evaluation Objective Objective Description Survey indicator
 1. To assess VSP participants’ self-reported perceptions of the VSP. To what extent are the customers satisfied with the various aspects of the program and what changes might increase customer retention in the program 1.1 How happy customers are with various parts of the VSP
1.2 If they would refer a family member or friend to the VSP
1.3 What reported changes they would like to see to the program
 2. To assess VSP participants’ self-reported perceptions of how the VSP has affected their food choices (i.e., their diet-related health behaviors). To what extent has the customers believe that intervention has provided the necessary education and contributed the appropriate means needed to foster self-reliant healthy diet behavior change 2.1 Changes in the amount of different types of food they buy since they have started the program
2.2 If they ate, learned, or bought a new food as a result of nutrition education programming or healthy food incentives
2.3 If healthy food incentives contribute to diet variety
2.4 Changes in the frequency of visits to different types of food vendors
 3. To understand self-reported perceptions of how the VSP has changed its customers’ access to healthy food. To what extent the customers believe that intervention has addressed the common barriers that the community faces to healthy food access 3.1 The VSP makes it easier to eat healthy
3.2 The relationship between the self-reported factors that made it hard for customers to eat healthy and the factors they believe VSP addresses
 4. To understand how the VSP affects its customers’ sense of community. To what extent the intervention has increased the customers’ social networks and their sense of belonging to their communities 4.1 If being a customer improves sense of community
4.2 If customers have met anyone new through the program