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Table 2 Select Change and Performance Objectives and Behavioral Outcomes

From: Mujeres Fuertes y Corazones Saludables: adaptation of the StrongWomen —healthy hearts program for rural Latinas using an intervention mapping approach

Change Objectives Select Performance objectives Behavioral outcomes
Healthy diet Prepare healthy meals
• Know what constitutes healthy diet
• Purchase healthy food
• Know how to cook healthy meal
• Try new recipes
Reduce fat & refined carb intake
• Purchase low fat options
• Learn how to read food labels
• Purchase lean meats
• Limit sweetened beverage intake
• Limit sweets (muffins, cookies, cake, etc.)
• Limit processed foods
Consume 5 fruits & vegetables per day
• Purchase fruit & vegetables
• Include a fruit and/or vegetable at each meal
• Eat fruits or vegetables as snacks
• Know how to cook fruit and vegetables so tasty & attractive to self and family
• Prepare healthy meals
• Reduce refined carbs intake
• Reduce fat intake
• Consume 5 fruits & vegetables per day
Sufficient physical activity for health Know amount physical activity needed for health
• Describe what type exercise, how long, how often, how hard
Determine if achieving moderate-vigorous physical activity
• Learn how to assess level of exertion
• Practice achieving moderate-vigorous level physical activity
Engage in daily moderate-vigorous physical activity for 30 min
• Feel confident can fit into daily life
• Feel confident on skills
• Understand the connection of values to daily physical activity,
• Notice change in energy level, sleep and mood
• Monitor progress
• Find exercise enjoyable
• Not be embarrassed by skill/fitness level
• Engage in 30 min of moderate-vigorous physical activity per day