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Table 2 Description of primary studies

From: “Layers of translation” - evidence literacy in public health practice: a qualitative secondary analysis

Studies Healthy living Knowledge to action
Purpose To explore the implementation process for the HL core public health program, including the context within which practitioners implemented this program, and the factors influencing implementation – in particular, how practitioners used evidence in implementation decisions. To explore the knowledge-to-action process and to identify and assess appropriate knowledge translation strategies to support the use of evidence in core program development and implementation, and to compare the process and outcomes across health authorities.
Data collection 29 individual interviews 49 individual interviews and 3 focus groups
Participants HA 1 (n = 14), HA 2 (n = 7) and MoH (n = 8). Public health managers (n = 9) and front line staff (n = 12) from urban and rural areas in two health authorities HA 1 (= 13), HA 2 (n = 13), and HA 3 (n = 16), BC Centre for Disease Control (a provincial level organization, n = 1), the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit (n = 3), and the MoH (n = 3)
Individual interviews (n = 10) and 3 focus groups (n = 9) with front line food safety staff and managers and individual interviews (n = 30) with injury prevention staff and managers
Interviewers Two of the principal investigators (one being author Wharf-Higgins) and the research coordinator The project coordinator (author Martin) and three trained research assistants