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Table 4 Factor analysis. Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis. Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization

From: A push for public health: the effect of e-bikes on physical activity levels

Item Component
   1 “Hedonism” 2 “Materialism”
1 I feel bad if I spend a day off doing nothing special 0.667 −0.068
2 It is not good for people to get everything they want 0.709 0.24
3 In future, I want to follow my desires and enjoy life’s pleasures −0.069 0.663
4 I forgo some material goods in order to live the way I want 0.017 0.814
5 I would rather spend money on things I can enjoy for many years than one-off pleasures such as vacation, dining out, etc. 0.559 −0.269