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Table 1 Discussion topics, questions, and sample prompts from MSM focus groups

From: “But the moment they find out that you are MSM…”: a qualitative investigation of HIV prevention experiences among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Ghana’s health care system

Topic domain Question Sample prompts
Community Norms and Stigma How would you describe the community in which you live? • What have been some of the obstacles or challenges that you’ve experienced in your community as MSM?
Network Mental Resources – Health Seeking Attitudes (STI/HIV) What are your thoughts about getting tested for STIs? • Have you ever been tested [for HIV]?
• What prompts you to get tested [for HIV]?
Network Mental Resources – Condom Use Attitudes Tell us about how often you use condoms now during sex? • How do you feel about using condoms during sex?
 o With men?
 o With women?
Network Mental Resources – Gender Equitable Norms What are your thoughts about women who carry condoms? How would you feel if your female partner asked you to use a condom?
Network Mental Resources – Competence Support What are the HIV/STI prevention needs of guys like you and your friends? • What are the needs you think you have within your social network?
Network Tangible Resources What are other needs you have in your life? • How do you earn money?
Health Care Climate Experiences – Autonomy Support Who do you go see when you have a sexual health related issue? • What do you like/not like about the provider that you visit?
• Do you feel like you have a say in what happens to you there?
• How would you like the experience to be different?
Health Care Climate Experiences – Relatedness Support Do you think that the health care provider cares about what happens to you? • Why do you think so?
• Why don’t you think so?
• Do you want to do what they advise? Why? Why not?
Health Care Climate Experiences – Competence Support When you leave the health office how capable do you feel to follow provider’s instructions? • Do you want to do what they advise? Why? Why not?