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Table 2 Comparison of Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening actions eligible for the composite outcome measure in the first BETTER trial to BETTER HEALTH: Durham

From: BETTER HEALTH: Durham -- protocol for a cluster randomized trial of BETTER in community and public health settings

  Better Better Health: Durham
1 Fasting blood sugar screening yes
2 Fasting blood sugar monitoring no
3 Blood pressure screening yes
4 Blood pressure monitoring yes
5 Hypertension treatment no
6 Framingham calculated Changed to LDL measurement
7 Framingham improved no
8 LDL improved no
9 Cholesterol treatment no
10 Breast cancer screening yes
11 Colorectal cancer screening yes
12 Cervical cancer screening yes
13 BMI screening yes
14 Waist circumference measured yes
15 Weight control yes
16 Weight control referral yes
17 Smoking screening no
18 Smoking cessation yes
19 Smoking cessation referral yes
20 Alcohol screening no
21 Alcohol control yes
22 Alcohol control referral yes
23 Physical activity screening no
24 Physical activity > = 90 min / week yes
25 Physical activity program referral yes
26 Nutrition screening no
27 Healthy diet score improved yes
28 Nutrition counselling referral yes