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Table 6 Key recommendations

From: Determinants of uptake of hepatitis B testing and healthcare access by migrant Chinese in the England: a qualitative study

▪ Improve knowledge about the disease, and awareness of the disease in at-risk groups
▪ Raise awareness of the asymptomatic nature of disease
▪ Tackle misperceptions
▪ Tackle stigma both at the individual and community level
▪ Provide health system navigators and clarify entitlements to health services
▪ Explore developing family support to influence testing and longer term compliance
Healthcare practitioners and services
▪ Improve healthcare practitioners’ knowledge of the disease, and raise their awareness of risk groups
▪ Develop cultural competency of staff. Be aware of in-group diversity
▪ Provide language support with health literate interpreters
▪ Train staff in the use of interpreters
▪ Make greater use of informational aids and tools such as patient alerts in electronic health records
Commissioners, Service Managers and Policymakers
▪ Ensure adequate resourcing for implementation of testing
▪ Identify advocate to champion the issue to local decision-makers.
▪ Engender leadership and ownership of the agenda
▪ Develop a compelling narrative of need and the economic case
▪ Clarify roles and responsibilities for commissioning hepatitis B services for migrants
▪ Develop joint collaborative commissioning where the responsibilities are split
▪ Encourage and empower local innovation
▪ Recognise community diversity and tailor responses to local needs and context
▪ Look to make services sustainable
▪ Increase accessibility of services - community-based/outreach services may help
▪ Explore collaboration with other agencies and the voluntary sector