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Table 2 Approaches used in various combinations in the multi-component school/ preschool programs and family-based programs

From: How effective are family-based and institutional nutrition interventions in improving children’s diet and health? A systematic review

 • Fruit and or vegetable snacks (Free or Paid)  
 • School lunch program  
 • School garden  
 • Improvements in school meals/tuckshop/canteen facilities  
 • School breakfast program  
 • Nutrition education- Classroom  
 • Meal preparation sessions child (and/or parent)  
 • Physical activity sessions  
 • Change agent to support healthy nutrition/physical activity  
 • School food policy changes  
 • Observation/Rewards eating healthy foods at lunch/in class  
 • School-wide promotion messages  
 • Multimedia activities promoting healthy lifestyles  
 • Teacher modelling healthy eating  
 • Homework activities/Newsletter  
 • Individual and/or Group Nutrition education  
 • DVDs/Newsletters/Workbooks  
 • Non-residential camp  
 • Practical nutrition and/or physical activity sessions  
 • Internet education/activities  
 • Phone call from program staff