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Table 3 A list of multi-level Interventions based on a review of literature

From: Effects of a multi-level intervention on the pattern of physical activity among in-school adolescents in Oyo state Nigeria: a cluster randomised trial

Level Possible Activities/Interventions
Individual Level • Educational materials for students
• Special Dance events in schools
• Debates and other co-curricula activities
• Experience sharing by role models/athletes
• M health –SMS
• Peer Education
Socio Cultural level • Dialogue and dissemination meetings with Parent Teachers Association, Teachers, Principals
Built Environment • Provision/Refurbishment of PA facilities
Policy/Institutional Level • Development of curriculum &Training of Teachers
• Review of PE Curriculum
• Creating and training a school-based action team or small groups or committees.
• Dissemination Meetings,
• Production of evidence based dissemination materials – policy briefs, fact sheets etc.
• One – on -one Advocacy visits
• Celebration of special days and events