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Table 3 Example of use of the observation notes as supportive material

From: Lay health workers perceptions of an anemia control intervention in Karnataka, India: a qualitative study

Theme Working conditions challenging intervention
Subtheme Position is one of responsibility, which they take seriously Duties are extensive and varied; wide ranging tasks
FGD1 We have come here to do it, and now we will do it, how much ever the difficulty.  
FGD2   [Long discussion about the various logs, registers an diaries they maintain, involving maternal, child, and community health; registrations of births, deaths, and everything in between; educational responsibilities; official records; and account and book keeping]
FGD3   Same comment as above, re: completion of registers, logs, and diaries
Field notes LHWs clearly view their position and work with pride: this is evident in the way they dress and authoritative way they carry themselves. Most take their responsibilities seriously, with the intent of fulfilling them. On a daily or weekly basis, LHWs perform, at a minimum: nonformal preschool activities, ration distribution, 1–2 meetings related to maternal and child health or related issues, home visits, meetings with or visits by supervisors, and completion of various registers.
  1. LHW lay health worker, FGD focus group discussion