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Table 2 Summary of articles included in this review

From: Available studies fail to provide strong evidence of increased risk of diarrhea mortality due to measles in the period 4–26 weeks after measles rash onset

First Author Year Country Population Design n Ages Intervention Statistical Model Covariates
Aaby1 2003 Bangladesh Rural Re-analysis of prospective study 16,268 9 months - 60 months Measles vaccination Cox proportional hazards Matched for age. Adjusted for sex, number of siblings, maternal education, size of dwelling
Akramuzzaman 2000 Bangladesh Urban Prospective 254 6 months–143 months None Relative risk Age, sex, stunting, vaccination status, mother’s education, number of children in the household,electricity supply, and source of drinking water, SES
Ibrahim 2002 Sudan Suburban (displaced persons) Prospective 187 4–168 months None Chi-square None
Koenig 1990 Bangladesh Rural Prospective 16,270 9 months - 60 months Measles vaccination Cox proportional hazards Birth order, sex, maternal education level, area of household (SES)
Koster 1981 Bangladesh Rural Prospective 5775 <4 years None Histogram N/A
Shahid 1983 Bangladesh Rural Retrospective 77 <2 years None Crude rates N/A