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Table 1 PubMed search terms and number of results

From: Available studies fail to provide strong evidence of increased risk of diarrhea mortality due to measles in the period 4–26 weeks after measles rash onset

Database Search Terms Number of results
PubMed ((“Measles”[Mesh] OR “measles”[tiab]) AND (“Diarrhea”[Mesh] OR “diarrhea”[tiab] OR “diarrheas”[tiab] OR “flux”[tiab] OR “loose stool”[tiab] OR “loose stools”[tiab])) AND (“Morbidity”[Mesh] OR “morbidity”[tiab] OR “morbidities”[tiab] OR “Mortality”[Mesh] OR “mortality”[tiab] OR “mortalities”[tiab] OR “death rate”[tiab] OR “fatality rate”[tiab] OR “vaccine”[tiab]) 341
Embase ‘measles’/exp. AND (‘diarrhea’/exp. OR (loose:ab,ti AND stool:ab,ti) OR (loose:ab,ti AND stools:ab,ti)) AND (morbidity:ab,ti OR mortality:ab,ti OR mortalities:ab,ti OR (mortality:ab,ti AND rate:ab,ti) OR (death:ab,ti AND rate:ab,ti) OR (fatality:ab,ti AND rate:ab,ti)) 271
Open Grey “measles” 114
Grey Literature Report “measles” 6