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Table 1 LiST interventions scaled up in analysis, with proxies

From: The impact of eliminating within-country inequality in health coverage on maternal and child mortality: a Lives Saved Tool analysis

Intervention Included in household surveys? Proxy (Backup)
Contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) Yes  
Antenatal carea Yes  
Tetanus toxoid vaccination   Antenatal care
Intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy (IPTp) Yes (Antenatal care)
Syphilis detection and treatment   Antenatal care
Iron supplementation in pregnancy   Antenatal care
Hypertensive disorder case management   Antenatal care
MgSO4 management of pre-eclampsia   Antenatal care
Skilled birth attendanta Yes  
Facility deliverya Yes  
Clean birth practices   Facility delivery
Immediate assessment and stimulation   Facility delivery
Labor and delivery management   Facility delivery
Neonatal resuscitation   Facility delivery
Antenatal corticosteroids for preterm labor   Facility delivery
Antibiotics for pPRoM   Facility delivery
MgSO4 management of eclampsia   Facility delivery
Active management of the third stage of labor (AMSTL)   Facility delivery
Breastfeeding promotion   Facility delivery
Clean postnatal practices Yes (Facility delivery)
Vitamin A supplementation Yes  
Improved water source Yes  
Water connection in the home Yes (Improved sanitation)
Improved sanitation Yes (Water connection in the home)
Hand washing with soap   Hygienic disposal of children’s stools
Hygienic disposal of children’s stools Yes (Improved sanitation)
Household ownership of insecticide treated bednet (ITN) Yes  
DPT vaccine Yes  
H. influenzae b vaccine Yes (DPT vaccine)
HepB vaccine   DPT vaccine
Pneumococcal vaccine   DPT vaccine
Rotavirus vaccine   DPT vaccine
Measles vaccine Yes  
Thermal care for neonatal prematurity   Facility delivery
Injectable antibiotics neonatal sepsis/pneumonia   Facility delivery
Oral rehydration solution (ORS) Yes (Oral antibiotics for pneumonia)
Antibiotics for treatment of dysentery   ORS
Zinc for treatment of diarrhea   ORS
Oral antibiotics for pneumonia Yes (ORS)
Vitamin A for treatment of measles   Vitamin A for prevention
Artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) for malaria Yes  
  1. aThese measures do not have a direct impact in LiST, but rather are used to determine coverage of the specific interventions that they are made up of (also listed in the table)