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Table 1 Summary of LifeSkills theoretical constructs and session topics

From: Project LifeSkills - a randomized controlled efficacy trial of a culturally tailored, empowerment-based, and group-delivered HIV prevention intervention for young transgender women: study protocol

Session Title Theoretical Constructs:
1 Pride Transgender adaptation/ integration; collective self-esteem/empowerment
2 Communication and Respect Information (HIV knowledge), skills building for communication
3 Skills Building – Housing, Employment, Medical Services Building skills to meet basic needs and applying communication skills
4 Knowledge and Self-Protection Information, Motivation (attitudes, norms, and intentions for safer sex), basic skill building for condom use.
5 Partner Negotiation Behavioral skills (discussing sex and condom use with sexual partners), sexual contexts, drug/alcohol use
6 Tying it all Together All Constructs Reviewed