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Table 1 Characteristics of the participating parents (n = 718)

From: Early food for future health: a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of an eHealth intervention aiming to promote healthy food habits from early childhood

Characteristics Valuea
Recruitment strategy
  Recruited through Facebook 89,8
Recruited through child health centers 2,1
Recruited through both Facebook and child Health centers 2,2
Other (parents/friends/media) 5,8
  Mothers/Fathers   99,6/0,4
Age (years)   30.5 (4.4)
   Upper secondary school or less 19,1
  College/university ( ≤ 4 years) 36.9
  College/university ( ≥ 4 years) 43.9
  Geographic residence
   Northern parts of Norway 7,5
  Middle parts of Norway 8,5
  Western parts of Norway 29,6
  Southern parts of Norway 14,2
  Eastern parts of Norway (included capital) 40,2
  1. aPercentages for categorical variables, means with SD for continuous variables