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Table 5 Knowledge about influenza vaccination against profession

From: An assessment of healthcare professionals’ knowledge about and attitude towards influenza vaccination in Freetown Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional study

Statements Yes No Not sure β CI
Do you think the influenza vaccine is effective in preventing the ‘flu? 574(82.2) 63(9.0) 61(8.7) 0.074 0.000–0.063
Do you believe that the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that health care workers receive the flu shot? 378(54.2) 160(22.9) 160(22.9) 0.052 −0.013-0.072
Are you aware of the guidelines published by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) or Centre for Disease Control (CDC) for influenza immunization? 288(41.3) 321(46.0) 89(12.8) 0.154* 0.038–0.107
  1. Logistic regression, * p -value <0.05 significant (Ref; physicians)