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Table 3 Impact of cigarette price increases by 10% on cigarette consumption, tax revenue, and reduction in smoking-attributable deaths

From: The effects of a rise in cigarette price on cigarette consumption, tobacco taxation revenues, and of smoking-related deaths in 28 EU countries-- applying threshold regression modelling

Countries Average real price per pack in 2015 (US$) Increase in price due to price scenarios increase 10% (US$) Estimated cigarette price elasticities Change in cigarette consumption (%) Change in cigarette consumption (million packs) Change in cigarette tax revenue (%) Change in cigarette tax revenue (million US$) Reduction in no. of smokers due to price increases Reduction in no. of SADsb
 Bulgaria, Romania 1.15 0.115 −1.227 −12.27 −230.15 −1.41 −14.4 588,614 251,860
Regime2 (US$5418 < GNIitUS$8385)
 Latvia, Poland 2.32 0.232 −0.829 −8.29 −206.84 3.15 139.5 489,546 210,061
Regime3 (GNIit > US$8385)
 EU24 countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) 4.63 0.463 −0.503 −5.03 −1019.48 7.03 6523 3,123,560 1,419,959
All EU28 countries 4.15 0.415 −0.587 −5.87 −1310.09 6.76 6644 4,201,720 1,879,880
  1. SADs smoking-attributable death
  2. aThe reduction in the number of smokers equals the reduction in cigarette consumption as a result of price increases multiplied by the number of adult smokers
  3. bThe number of SADs averted was calculated according to Goodchild et al. [6]: Reduction in SADs = Reduction in no. of smokers multiplied by the corresponding mortality adjustment factor