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Table 4 Multivariate associations between characteristics of both cancer and heart attack survivors (≤ 5 years after diagnosis or attack) and employment status (not at work; at work) at two-year follow-up

From: Cancer and heart attack survivors’ expectations of employment status: results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Characteristics Employment status (not at work; at work)
Cancer; N = 132a Heart attack; N = 60a
OR (95% CI) P-value OR (95% CI) P-value
 Female x x 0.03 (0.00–0.57) 0.018
 Male    Ref.  
General health
 Fair 0.31 (0.13–0.76) 0.010 x x
 Very good Ref.    
Expectation of being at work after certain age
 50–100% x x 10.68 (1.23–93.92) 0.033
 0 – ≤ 50%    Ref.  
  1. aOnly women ≤59 and men ≤64 years of age are included. Missing values were imputed with the mean of the other cases