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Table 1 Factor loadings from the exploratory factor analysis rotated factor matrix (and Factor Scores from Confirmatory Factor Analysis) for final 21 items

From: Development of the Adolescent Preoccupation with Screens Scale

  Mood management Behavioural preoccupation
I use screens to make myself feel better. .91 (.085)  
I am less lonely when I am using screens. .81 (.061)  
When I try to reduce my screen use I feel anxious (worried). .74 (.097)  
When I am not using screens, I keep thinking about them. .71 (.105)  
I feel closer to people who I know from using screen than people in the real world. .69 (.035)  
I feel bad when I cannot use screens. .68 (.099)  
When I am using screens, I feel like I am somewhere else. .68 (.053)  
People I meet online using screens are easier to understand than real people. .67 (.036)  
When I can’t use screens I get restless or irritable. .67 (.143)  
I feel most pleasure when using screens. .65 (.073)  
I use screens to forget about real life. .60 (.061)  
I feel a buzz of excitement when on screens. .52 (.043)  
People I meet online accept me better than those in real life. .45 (.024)  
I spend too much time on screens.   .84 (.110)
I find myself thinking or saying “just a few more minutes” when using screens.   .76 (.075)
I stay on screens longer than I mean to.   .74 (.135)
I go to bed late because I have been using screens.   .74 (.071)
My parents complain that I use screens too much.   .73 (.054)
I have got into trouble with my parents because of using screens too much.   .65 (.050)
I lose track of time when I am using screens.   .59 (.091)
I use screens even if I have more important things to do.   .55 (.118)