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Table 6 Post-intervention evaluation

From: Promoting active travel to school: a systematic review (2010–2016)

No. Intervention Intervention Evaluation Method Outcomes AST Outcomes
Self-reporting Non-self-reporting
1 Beat the Street [42] Survey, diary*, and focus group Swipe card AST(+); 59% of the participants walked more.
2 DOiT [32] Survey* BMI AST(#); HE(+); BMI(+) No significant intervention effect on active commuting to school was found.
3 Drop-Off [33] Survey* n/a Attitude(+); PA (+/#); Policy (+) n/a
4 Health In Adolescents [34] n/a Accelerometers* and BMI Attitude(+/#); PA(+) n/a
5 Healthy Homework [39] Diary Pedometers* AST(#); PA(+) No significance intervention effect was observed
6 It’s Your Move! [38] Survey* and interview BMI AST(+); BMI(+) Walking/Cycling to school increased from 61.1 to 64.6 (p = 0.01)
7 Nevada Moves Day [26] n/a Observation* AST(+) AST increased from pre-intervention to National Moving Day at the intervention school.
8 Ride2School [7] Survey* n/a AST(+/−); Infrastructure(+) AST increased from 47.9% to 49.6% (p = 0.125) (Parent report) AST decreased from 51.1% to 48.7% (p = 0.029) (Students report)
9 Safe Routes to School - Eugene [27] Survey* GIS* AST(+) 20% increase in walking and a non-significant increase in biking.
10 Safe Routes to School - Hawaii [28] Survey* Observation Not given n/a
11 Safe Routes to School – Texas [29] Survey* n/a AST(+); Knowledge(+) Intervention schools have higher active commuting rates both in the morning and in the afternoon than control schools.
12 School Travel Planning - Canada [41] Surveys* n/a AST(#/+); Attitude(+); Infrastructure(+) No change in AST at a national level. There is a slight increase of AST in 21 schools in the morning.
13 School Travel Plans - New Zealand [40] Survey* n/a AST(+) From 2004 to 2008, there were significant increases in active transport especially in the second and third year of implementation.
14 Stockholm County Implementation [35] Interview* n/a AST(#); Policy(+) No intervention effect was found on AST.
15 Traveling Green [37] Survey* Accelerometer* and pedometer* AST(#) There was no effect found on AST.
16 Trygog Sikker Skolecykling [36] Survey BMI AST(#); BMI(#); PA (#); Traffic injuries (#) There was no effect found on school cycling trips.
17 Walking School Bus - Houston [30] Survey* Observation* and BMI PA(+); Attitude(+) n/a
18 Walking School Bus - Missouri [31] n/a Accelerometer* PA(#); Participation(#) n/a
  1. + = positive effect; − = negative effect; # = no effect; * = AST evaluation method