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Table 5 Reasons for the post-performance preference for health personnel specimen collection

From: A tailored within-community specimen collection strategy increased uptake of cervical cancer screening in a cross-sectional study in Ghana

Reasons Frequency Percentage
The health personnel would have done theirs better because they were professionals, experienced and know what they were about 85 66.9
The participants had no idea about cervical screening 16 12.6
The participants were not confident they performed the self-specimen collection correctly. 14 11.0
In order to obtain good and/or the right results 2 1.4
The health personnel would find another problem or unusual occurrences if any around the sampling area 2 1.4
The pap smear was not difficult and there was no pain 1 0.7
Participant was afraid she was going to hurt herself with the self-specimen collection device 1 0.7
The participant stated that the self-sampling device is not user-friendly 1 0.7
The nurse could see what she was doing, but the participant did not see what she did during self-specimen. 1 0.7
Had no problem with the health personnel examinations and sample collection 1 0.7
Gave no reason 6 4.7
Total 127 100.0