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Table 5 Intervention strategies implemented in 4 or more schools

From: Cluster randomised trial of a school-community child health promotion and obesity prevention intervention: findings from the evaluation of fun ‘n healthy in Moreland!

Goal Intervention strategy
Physical Activity Changed playground
New sports equipment
Class/school exercise sessions
After school sports class
Active Transport Policy – Bike sheds/racks
PE teacher
Ride/walk to school
Soccer club clinics
Healthy Eating Healthy lunch options (developed with children, parents &/or supplier)
Healthy snacks
Fruit breaks
Upgraded taps
School water policy & water bottles
School healthy eating policy
School breakfast
Apple slinky machines
Fruit deliveries
Cooking gardens
Parent nutrition information and education
Health Promotion Teacher professional development
Special events
Newsletter items
Healthy fundraising
Curriculum changes
Wellbeing Bullying/wellbeing policies
Body image training
Wellbeing programs
Wellbeing officer/counsellor
Wellbeing focussed curriculum