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Table 4 Summary of questions with significant increase as well as overall increase

From: Health promotion via SMS improves hypertension knowledge for deaf South Africans

Question Test P-Value
1. What is high blood pressure? McNemar’s .0213
3. What puts a person at risk of developing high blood pressure? Paired t test .0017
7. Can high blood pressure be cured? McNemar’s .0072
8. If a person with high blood pressure leaves Cape Town for a while, which one of the following is right? McNemar’s .0213
10. Can a person lower his/her blood pressure? McNemar’s .0213
18. What should you cut down on if you have high blood pressure? Choose as many answers as you like.* Wilcoxon signed-rank .0455
OVERALL SCORES Wilcoxon signed-rank .0033