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Table 2 Validity of the A-IPAQ versus the F-IPAQ using spearman’s correlation (n = 159)

From: Validity and reliability of an adapted arabic version of the long international physical activity questionnaire

PA Domain (minutes/week) r
Job-related PA
 Vigorous PA 1.00**
 Moderate PA 0.978**
 Walking PA 0.999**
Transportation-related PA
 Motorized moving 0.92**
 Bicycling 1.00*
 Walking 0.988**
Housework, house maintenance-related PA
 Garden/yard vigorous PA 1.00*
 Garden/yard moderate PA 0.91**
 In-house moderate PA 0.997**
Leisure-related PA
 Leisure walks 0.98**
 Vigorous leisure PA 0.945**
 Moderate leisure PA 1.00**
Time spent sitting
 Total time spent sitting 0.981**
 Daily time spent sitting (minutes/day) 0.989**
 Time spent sitting on a weekend (minutes/day) 0.945**
  1. **p < 0.001
  2. *p < 0.05
  3. A-IPAQ, Arabic International Physical Activity Questionnaire; F-IPAQ, French International Physical Activity Questionnaire; PA, physical activity