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Table 1 Summary of data collection tool

From: Caretaker-adolescent communication on sexual and reproductive health: a cross-sectional study in Unguja-Tanzania Zanzibar

S/N Objective Variables Type of scale
No. of Items Eg. of item to construct the tool
1 To determine Caretakers’ information (knowledge) on adolescent’s SRH and its importance in Unguja-Zanzibar. knowledge Binary
2, with 15 sub- items What topics about adolescents’ sexual health need to be communicated to adolescents?
2 To determine Caretakers’ motivation (perceived risk, attitude and social norms) towards communication with adolescents about SRH in Unguja-Zanzibar. (i) perceived risk, Likert
3 Please grade the risk of your adolescents male to get STIs/HIV
   (ii) attitude, Likert
5 Communicating with adolescent about SRH will promote promiscuity
   (iii) social norms Likert
3 Most of my relatives/friends talks to their adolescents about SRH
3 To determine Caretakers’ behavioral skills (self efficacy and perceived skills) to communicate with adolescents about SRH in Unguja-Zanzibar i) self efficacy Likert
4 I can describe the act of talking to my Adolescent about SRH as:
4 I can describe my ability to talk to my adolescent about SRH as
4 To determine caretaker-adolescent sexuality communication (frequency and contents of communication) in Unguja-Zanzibar Frequency and Contents of communication Likert
9 How frequently do you talk to your adolescent male/female ab out HIV and AIDS and STIs?