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Table 1 Work-related psychosocial risk factors of stress, consequences and personal characteristics discussed on the digital platform

From: Stress Prevention@Work: a study protocol for the evaluation of a multifaceted integral stress prevention strategy to prevent employee stress in a healthcare organization: a cluster controlled trial

Themes Examples
Psychosocial risk factors at work
 Job demands Quantitative job demands, emotional requirements and cognitive load at work
 Decision latitude and control Task variety and autonomy
 Social support Supervisor and co-worker support
 Violence and harassment Violence, harassment and bullying—internal by colleagues or management or third party by clients, patients or the public
 Job security Precarious work, restructuring, temporary employment contracts
 Work-life balance Work-home interference and home-work interference
 Health and resilience Burnout or stress complaints and general health
 Satisfaction Job satisfaction
 Performance and absence Absenteeism, presenteeism, personnel turnover and productivity
Personal characteristics
 Personal resources Coping style (active/passive)
 Qualification Education level, skills level