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Table 1 Training content and objectives

From: Implementation-effectiveness trial of an ecological intervention for physical activity in ethnically diverse low income senior centers

Day Topic Learning Objectives
Day 1 Module 1: Laying the Foundation 1. Explain:
 • Why: Significance of the Program
 • What: Goal of the Program
 • How: Program Components
 • Who: Roles
 • When: Timeline
2. Understand what elements in the environment contribute to people’s ability to be active
 • Understand the importance of building partnerships to enhance and sustain the program
Module 2: Community Project, Partnerships and Sustainability
Day 2 Module 3: Individual Coaching 1. Demonstrate how to use 3 self-monitoring tools for individual coaching
2. Explain the importance of establishing a baseline/starting point before setting a goal
3. Explain the Short Term & Long term step goals for the program
4. Demonstrate the ability to complete the 7 individual coaching steps
5. Describe important leader qualities when coaching
Day 3 Module 4: Group Sharing 1. Understand key skills to facilitate the group sharing
2. Locate the health tips
3. Describe what needs to be completed before, during, and after leading a walk
4. Describe what to do during each crosswalk signal and what hazards to keep an eye out for
5. Understand Adverse Event/Incident Reporting Procedures
Module 5: Health Tips
Module 6: Group Walk
Module 7: Adverse Event/Incident Reporting
Day 4 Module 8: Having Fun, Celebrating Success & Rewards 1. Understand the importance of fun & celebration in keeping the group motivated & engaged
2. Understand the importance of evaluation & tracking
3. Explain which types of tracking & evaluating will be part of peer health coach role
4. Understand how to use the tablet for tracking & evaluating tasks
Module 9: Evaluation & Tracking
Module 10: Staying Organized & Planning Ahead