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Table 1 Primary staples most frequently consumed by region

From: Using the Uganda National Panel Survey to analyze the effect of staple food consumption on undernourishment in Ugandan children

Region Primary Staples Consumed (bold refers to most frequently consumed in the region)
Southwest Matooke, cassava, patatoes, beans, maize, bread
Western Cassava, beans, patatoes, matooke, maize
Central 1 Cassava, matooke, beans, potatoes, maize
Central 2 Cassava, potatoes, matooke, beans, maize, bread
East Central Potatoes, cassava, maize, bread, beans
Eastern Maize, cassava, potatoes, sorghum, milet, matooke, bread
Teso Sorghum, millet, cassava, potatoes, beans
Lango Cassava, beans, maize, potatoes
West Nile Maize, cassava, potatoes, beans
Acholi Maize, cassava, beans
Karamoja Maize, sorghum, beans, beer residue
Refugee Camps Maize, cassava, beans
  1. This table is reproduced from FANTA-2: The Analysis of the Nutrition Situation in Uganda with the permission of the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance II Project (FANTA-2). It can be accessed at