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Table 4 Identified targets in policy recommendations

From: National policies for the promotion of physical activity and healthy nutrition in the workplace context: a behaviour change wheel guided content analysis of policy papers in Finland

Target Examples Total(%) Nutr.(%) PA(%)
Individual Use stairs whenever possible.
Monitoring and evaluation of employee’s lifestyle choices.
57 (46) 39 (50) 46 (55)
Community Rethink meeting practices to reduce sedentary behaviour at your workplace. 13 (10) 2 (3) 12 (14)
Environment Healthiness of catering for meetings is important to take into account. 55 (44) 37 (47) 25 (30)
Total 125 (100%) 78 (100%) 83 (100%)
  1. Numbers are frequencies. Numbers in parentheses are percentages. Nutr. nutrition, PA physical activity. The total is smaller than the sum of Nutr. and PA because parts of the recommendations (i.e. focusing on outcomes or health behaviour in general) were double coded