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Table 1 Selected primary and secondary policy papers and sources of technical terms

From: National policies for the promotion of physical activity and healthy nutrition in the workplace context: a behaviour change wheel guided content analysis of policy papers in Finland

Policy paper Publisher Year Pages Target
1. Principles of good occupational healthcare practice guide Ministry of Social Affairs and Health/Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 2014 317 OHC professionals
2. National nutrition recommendations National Nutrition Council 2014 60 Healthcare, catering and food industry professionals, authorities, and public health organizations
3. Guidelines of the working group to monitor and develop mass catering services Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2010 82 Administration, private sector, social partners, NGOs
4. National strategy for physical activity promoting health and well-being 2020 Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2013 62 National and local actors
5. Action plan of the National Obesity Programme 2012–2015 National Institute for Health and Well-being 2013 59 State and municipal administration, healthcare, early childhood education, education, sports department, technical and community planning, educational organizations, NGOs, defence forces, employers and trade unions, food industry, trade, restaurants and catering, media, research institutions
6. National strategy for the reduction of sedentary behaviour Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2015 44 Children, adolescents, parents, instructors, teachers, day care, schools, municipalities, students, employees, study communities, work communities, aged, care services
Ref [1]. National action plan for walking and cycling 2020 Finnish Transport Agency 2012 76 State, municipal and private sector actors
Ref [2]. Recommendations for physical activity promotion in municipalities Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2010 24 Municipality management, ports department, social and health department, youth department, culture and library department, technical departments
6. Tec 1. Clinical practice guidelines for physical activity Finnish Medical Society Duodecim 2016 27 Healthcare professionals
7. Tec 2. Clinical practice guideline for obesity care Finnish Medical Society Duodecim 2013 27 Healthcare professionals
Tec 3. Physical activity prescription UKK Institute 2013 23 Healthcare professionals
  1. Policy papers 1–6 are the primary papers investigated. Paper Ref [1] was referred to in paper 4, and paper Ref [2] was referred to in papers 4 and 5. The content of technical terms presented in policy papers was checked in the documents Tec 1, Tec 2, and Tec 3