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Table 2 Overview of the intervention components of ‘JolinchenKids - Fit and Healthy in Daycare’

From: Design and methods for a cluster-controlled trial conducted at sixty-eight daycare facilities evaluating the impact of “JolinchenKids – Fit and Healthy in Daycare”, a program for health promotion in 3- to 6-year-old children

Module “Diet”
(1) DF environment • “drinking oasis” and “colorful garden” (un-sweetened beverages throughout the day, raw foods twice per day)
(2) Wooden train • consisting of six wagons, each of them representing a food group; to be used by DF staff to teach children about food groups
(3) Card box “Healthy-and-tasty-land” • one activity/ game per week (e.g., excursion, recipe, quiz)
(4) Healthy breakfast buffet • once per week
(5) Joint activities with parents • twice per year (e.g., sugar quiz)
(6) Newsletters • e.g., instructions for healthy recipes distributed to parents once per year
Module “Physical Activity”
(1) DF environment • creating areas with sufficient space for active play
(2) Card box “Get-fit-in-the-jungle” • at least one hour per week of engagement in PA games to enhance static balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and speed
(3) Joint activities with parents • twice per year (e.g., “family olympics”)
(4) Newsletters • e.g., general information about PA, ideas for PA games to be included in everyday family life distributed to parents once per year
Module “Mental Well-being”
(1) DF environment • creation of a space where children can take breaks
(2) Card box “Feel-good-island” • use of the hand puppet named “Jolinchen”
• one hour per week (e.g., handling of conflicts, identifying and describing emotions)
• short timeouts when needed (e.g., employment of techniques for stress management)
(3) Workshop for parents entitled “How to nurture children’s wellbeing” • once per year executed by DF staff
(4) Joint activities with parents • twice per year
(5) Newsletters • information about card box topics distributed to parents once per year (e.g., identifying and describing emotions, handling of conflicts, stress management, strengthening of self-image of children)
Module “Parental Participation”
(1) “JolinchenKids” team • establishment of a team to organize implementation (DF administrator, DF staff, parents)
(2) Workshop “How to engage parents” for DF staff • executed once during the 3-year implementation period by employees of the health insurance
(3) Manual “Parents are joining” • practical information for DF staff about how to engage parents in program activities
(4) Card box “Joint activities with parents” • general information about joint activities with parents
(5) Newsletters • module-specific information and suggestions regarding games to be integrated into day-to-day family life distributed to parents once per year per module
(6) “Message in a bottle” • take home instructions for PA games or recipes for healthy meals to be distributed to each child for a time period of two weeks
Module “Health Promotion among DF staff”
(1) Workshop “Fit at the job” • once in three years executed by employees of the health insurance
(2) Manual “How to live healthier” • information regarding health behavior change and the incorporation of health behavior in day-to-day DF activities
(3) Further counseling and classes • preventive healthcare services provided by the health insurance (e.g., classes in progressive muscle relaxation, pilates, nordic walking)