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Table 6 Physical activity changes after six months: between-group comparisons

From: The Start2Bike program is effective in increasing health-enhancing physical activity: a controlled study

Dichotomous outcome measures OR (group variable)b 95% CI P (group variable)
Dutch physical activity normsa
 Compliance with DNHPA 2.0 0.9–4.3 0.08
 Compliance with Fit-norm 2.5 1.1–5.8 0.03*
 Compliance with Combi-norm 1.7 0.7–4.0 0.23
Continuous outcome measures b-coefficient (group variable)b, c 95% CI P (group variable)
Physical activity by intensity
 Light-intensity activities −157 −494-180 0.36
 Moderate-intensity activities −6 −145-132 0.93
 Vigorous-intensity activities 193 94–293 <0.001*
Physical activity by domain
 Commuting activities 8 −37-54 0.72
 Leisure-time activities 17 −87-121 0.75
 Sports activities 130 82–178 <0.001*
 Household activities 14 −160-189 0.87
 Activities at work and school −44 −351-263 0.78
Total time spent in physical activity 22 −329-373 0.90
  1. CI Confidence interval, OR Odds ratio
  2. aDutch physical activity norms:
  3. - DNHPA Dutch Norm for Health-enhancing Physical Activity: Thirty minutes or more of at least moderate-intensity aerobic (endurance) physical activity on at least five days each week
  4. - Fit-norm: Twenty minutes or more of vigorous-intensity physical activity on at least three days each week
  5. - Combi-norm: Meeting the DNHPA and/or Fit-norm
  6. bTo test between-group changes in physical activity, multiple (logistic or linear) regression analyses were performed. Physical activity level at six months was the dependent variable and group (the control group served as reference category) was the independent variable. Corrections were made for baseline physical activity levels
  7. cUnstandardized regression coefficient
  8. *Significant (p < 0.05) difference in physical activity between groups