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Table 1 Activities of the comprehensive malaria control intervention carried out in primary schools in Sikasso, Mali

From: Cost analysis of a school-based comprehensive malaria program in primary schools in Sikasso region, Mali

1 Planning and management Refers to STC role in implementing and facilitating the intervention along the different operational phases
2 Developing of teaching materials Includes the preparation of a manual for teachers, adapting material used in other countries
3 Community sensitization Refers to involving parents and the whole community in educational activities about using LLIN and in organizing a ‘bed net distribution day’
4 Training Training of trainers and training of teachers were carried out about malaria prevention, correct use of LLIN and IPCs administration. Directors of community health programmes participated as well
5 Lessons for children Concerns the time spent by teachers in preparing and conducting lessons in school
6 Purchase, transport and storage STC organized the purchase of LLIN (locally) and drugs (imported) and the delivery to the designed villages
7 Distribution, dispensing Refers to the actual distribution of LLIN and dispensing of drugs to the beneficiaries
  1. STC Save the Children, LLIN long-lasting insecticidal net, IPCs intermittent preventive treatment in schools