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Table 4 Tobit model estimates for adolescent smoking

From: Exploring the intergenerational persistence of health behaviour: an empirical study of smoking from China

Variables Number of cigarettes smoked per day
(1) (2)
Mother smoker (=1) 0.755*  
Father smoker (=1) 0.718***  
Number of cigarettes mother smoked per day   0.050**
Number of cigarettes father smoked per day   0.020***
N 4368 4368
  1. Notes: (1) ***, ** and * denote statistical significance at 1%, 5% and 10% level, respectively. (2) The reported statistics are marginal effects, with clustered standard errors (at the household level) shown in parentheses. (3) The same covariates as the models reported in Table 2, which are the adolescents’ age, sex, and residential type, the parental age, educational year, employment status, the annual household income per capita, region dummies, and year dummies