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Table 1 Sanitation promotion under NBA: Assessment objectives, indicators and data collection tool

From: Processes and challenges of community mobilisation for latrine promotion under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan in rural Odisha, India

Aspects of Community Mobilisation Data collection method Indicators Data Source
Aim 1:To assess the strategies and processes of community mobilisation and community triggering for rural sanitation demand generation under the NBA
NGO field staff training Document review,
Attending the trainings/ Direct observation,
FGDs with facilitators (n = 6)
Enhanced knowledge of facilitators Training manual and presentations;  Researcher’s observations;
FGD notes
Staff’s action plans of implementing NGOs Documents review Existence of NGO’s field action plans Field/Action plans
Facilitators’ understanding of the intervention design/plan FGDs with facilitators Existence of activity plans of field staff NGO’s field plans; FDG notes
Formation of different committees Document review,
Attending the meetings
Committee members executing the campaign Committee registers
Community's understanding of the intervention FGDs with villagers (n = 20) Villagers’ awareness on objective of NBA;
Changed perception and attitude towards OD;
Demand for latrines generated
FGD notes
Aim 2: Examine the challenges of executing NBA in socially diverse villages
Challenges in organizing community mobilisation Attending and observing village mobilisation activities Community understands latrine’s importance and unites to implement NBA Researcher observations
FGD and IDI notes; Researchers observations
FGDs with villagers (n = 20)
IDIs with (n = 80)
Challenges identified by community members;
Existence of IEC materials, their distribution among people and their effective use for awareness generation and behaviour change
Facilitators’ understanding of the challenges FGDs with facilitators Challenges identified by NGO staff FGD notes