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Table 1 Content of the baseline questionnaire for current smokers, recent ex-smokers, and e-cigarette users

From: Study protocol of the German Study on Tobacco Use (DEBRA): a national household survey of smoking behaviour and cessation

Current smokers and recent ex-smokers 1. Current smoking behaviour (or past smoking behaviour in those that have recently stopped)
2. Current motivation to quit smoking using the Motivation to Stop Scale [27]
3. Use of nicotine replacement therapy while smoking
4. Current (or past) nicotine dependence using the Fagerström Test for Cigarette Dependence [29]
5. Exposure to health professionals’ advice on quitting
6. Current (or past) strength of urges to smoke [30]
7. The number of serious quit attempts recalled as having been made within the past 12 months
8. For the most recent quit attempt within the past 12 months:
 a. how long-ago the quit attempt started
 b. how long it lasted
 c. any aids used (e.g., nicotine replacement therapy over-the-counter, telephone helpline)
 d. what triggered it (external and internal triggers)
 e. whether it involved cutting down gradually
 f. and whether it was planned in advance [7]
E-cigarette users 1. Usage behaviour and its development
2. Starting age and reasons for e-cigarette use
3. Type, place of purchase and average consumption of liquid and nicotine in e-cigarettes