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Table 2 How environmental and individual factors support or obstruct weight reduction/maintenance and positive lifestyle habits

From: Motivation and obstacles for weight management among young women – a qualitative study with a public health focus - the Tromsø study: Fit Futures

1. Individual – support 2. Individual – obstruct
• Wishes for becoming slimmer
• Wishes for becoming healthier
• Feeling better with better lifestyle habits
• Ability to change gives increased self confidence
• Uncertainty about which food is healthy, information gap
• Considering weight and body shape negatively can be demotivating regarding lifestyle changes (mixed feelings)
• Aware of ones own bad habits but not willing to change
3. Environmental – support 4. Environmental – obstruct
• Support from parents
• The joy and social aspects of being physically active
• Levels of activity and fitness influenced by community and identity
• Structure and responsibilities in everyday life make changes for better lifestyle habits easier
• Practical and time limiting factors for good habits regarding nutrition and activity when moving out of the family home
• High costs as obstacles for buying healthy food and participating in sports activities
• Stress and sleeping problems connected to education and life-course dependent changes
• The organization of physical activity in school experienced as demotivating by some