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Table 3 Final multivariate model (GLMM) of factors associated with recent dengue infection among 4856 children aged 3–9 years

From: “Where we put little fish in the water there are no mosquitoes:” a cross-sectional study on biological control of the Aedes aegypti vector in 90 coastal-region communities of Guerrero, Mexico

Variable OR 95%CI
Fish present in at least one container 0.64 0.45–0.91
Living in a rural area 0.57 0.45–0.71
3–5 years of age 0.65 0.51–0.83
  1. The initial saturated model also included: educational level of household head, belonging to the Oportunidades * programme, and presence of temephos (less than 2 months old) in at least one container
  2. * Oportunidades, now called Prospera, is a Mexican government programme of cash transfers to mothers to encourage them to send their children to school and to health centres.