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Table 1 Data from the baseline survey and government sources discussed with community leaders: Mean results from the 30 intervention

From: Community cost-benefit discussions that launched the Camino Verde intervention in Nicaragua

1. Households where someone had dengue in the past year 8.2%
2. Proportion of dengue cases requiring hospitalization 38.0%
3. Expenditure per dengue case $24.00
4. Expenditure as % of 2010 basic household food basket 9.0%
5. Work days lost by those caring for sick household member 3.87
6. Work days lost by those ill with dengue 8
7. School days lost by those ill with dengue 11
8. Health ministry costs per sick adult $815
9. Health ministry costs per sick child $959
10. Proportion of households spending money on products for mosquito prevention/protection 63%
11. Amount spent during month of December 2010 on such products $5.60
12. Amount spent on such products as a proportion of basic monthly household food basket 2.6%
13. Health ministry expenditure per household per year on vector control (insecticide spraying) $6.00
14. Proportion of households devoting time to search and removal of mosquito larvae/pupae 32.5%
15. Hours per month spent in this activity 5
  1. Costs in Nicaraguan Cordoba converted here to US$ at the January 5, 2010 rate of C20.85 = US$ 1.00. (Each community received is own specific data)