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Table 1 CHR focus group interview guide

From: Strengthening the role of Community Health Representatives in the Navajo Nation

Background Questions Tell me a little bit about how you became a CHR? (Probe: what were your thoughts about the CHR program before you started?)What motivated you to be a part of the CHR program?
What past experience has helped with your work with the CHR Program?
Tell me how your ability to speak Navajo has changed since you started working for the CHR Program? Has that changed the way you connect with your clients?
Work/Actual Home Visits/Interactions with patients Tell me about a typical home visit? (Probe: What things do you do other than health related activities? Do you use COPE materials?)
How do you explain COPE to a client?
How do you choose which clients to enroll into COPE?
Tell me about a time when you felt that you really met the needs of your client? How about a time where it was more difficult to meet their needs?
Is a home visit to COPE patient different from home visit to non-COPE patient? (Probe: If so, how? If not, what how are they similar?)
Have COPE training sessions changed your practice? (if yes, why + how? if not, why not?)
Beliefs + attitudes about role in community/health/family What does it mean to be a CHR? (Probe: what do you feel you do beyond your requirements as a CHR?)
What support does a CHR need in order to be effective?
What is “healthy” mean to you? Your clients? (Probe: traditional? spiritual? community?) How does that impact your practice?
Share an example of your interactions with a client’s family?